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Brookhaven Sound Studio

We have renovated and built many kitchens, baths, living rooms and media rooms; however, state of the art sound studio opportunities are rare.  We were challenged with developing an acoustic attenuation system that would contain a massive amount of sound, not only within, but also prevent infiltration of exterior noise.  Musical enjoyment and production is a passion for this client and we researched every detail in order to achieve success. 

Many months before actually starting the project, we began with a real-time design session where we utilized 3D modeling to bring his notes, doodles and specifications together.  From that conceptual beginning, we began measuring and laying out every last detail including specific equipment sizes, conduit locations, placement and sizes.  Every conceivable wiring combination was studied and diagramed.  Once the electrical plan was completed we began designing the acoustical system which would ultimately be the measure of our success. 

What ultimately looks like a simple sheetrock box is a complicated and well thought out assembly of sound attenuating insulation, RSIC-1 isolation grid, boxes of acoustical sealant, isolation membranes and multiple layers of 5/8” sound resistant sheetrock.  All hidden by a simple coat of fresh paint. 

The heart and soul of the production studio is the control booth which houses studio monitors and every conceivable combination of sound control equipment that can be imagined.  Just for fun, we added a complex array of wirelessly controlled LED lights suitable for any mood or attitude. 

This was an extremely complex process, Visualized by the client, Thought thru as a team and Built by the Hamlin Group.   

He trusted us to build his vision, will you trust us to build yours?

Progress Pictures....

Concept Models....

Finished Product...

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