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River Chase Kitchen 

Before Pictures....

River Chase Before-5
River Chase Before-6
River Chase Before-4
River Chase Before-3
River Chase Before-2
River Chase Before-1

Our clients at River Chase had purchased a new home that while the size and location of the home was just what they were looking for, the dated kitchen needed some attention. 

The planning process was key to this and every project, as the original kitchen had a dividing wall, the ceiling had a pitch and pluming and venting would have to be moved. After a few design drawings and specifications of details the clients were requesting, we proceeded with tearing everything out, and brought their kitchen and new great room into modern times. 


Thanks for viewing -

The Hamlin Group team

Progress Pictures....

River Chase-Progress-1
River Chase-Progress-2
River Chase-Progress-5
River Chase-Progress-4
River Chase-Progress-6
River Chase-Progress-3
River Chase-Progress-9
River Chase-Progress-8
River Chase-Progress-7
River Chase-Progress-10

Finished Project...

River Chase-Final-01
River Chase-Final-02
River Chase-Final-03
River Chase-Final-04
River Chase-Final-05
River Chase-Final-06
River Chase-Final-07
River Chase-Final-08
River Chase-Final-09
River Chase-Final-10
River Chase-Final-11
River Chase-Final-12
River Chase-Final-13
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