Vinings Master Bathroom

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This project was as exciting as it was challenging.  The Owner directive was to open up a functional but very choppy master bathroom, creating an open plan, classicly finished master bath.  

The home owner wanted the elegant, freestanding tub and chandelier to be the focal point...presenting the challenge.  When in use, the tub creates a 1,200 lb point load in the middle of an 18' span, directly over a formal living room below.  

In order to solve this, we supplemented the existing joists, with 14' steel plates, from end to end.  This allowed the tub to be suspended, mid span, and provide the owner with the focal point that they were looking for.  

Opposite the tub, is an incredible walk in shower, formerly, a closet.  

The contrast of the chrome Kohler fixtures and the extensive Carerra White marble create a wonderful escape for our client... 


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