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About Us

You dream it, we create it.

I am Chad Hamlin, and my team is The Hamlin Group.  We love what we do and we want to help you invest in where you want to be. 

What will it be….. the perfect gourmet kitchen, comfortable room addition, or deck that will support memories for years to come?  Whatever it is, you need someone you can trust to do it. Someone who can take your vision from a dream, to a design, to a REALITY. That’s our mission at The Hamlin Group.


So what truly matters? Well, as the son of a contractor I have a pedigree in construction, on top of which I have added over a decade of architecture and construction experience. I began my career on the “design side” as an architect for a local firm in Atlanta in 2002 (graduating from Ball State University with a dual degree in architecture and environmental design). Subsequently, I went to the “build side,” moving up the ladder with three commercial construction firms in the Atlanta area. Over the past 11 years, I used my training in design and construction to oversee complicated builds ranging from innovative mixed-use developments, multi-million dollar hospitals, laboratories and mission-critical data centers. I was often sought after for my unique ability to see a finished project prior to putting hammer to nail or concrete to dirt; then trusted to carry the builds through to completion. It has been  my multi faceted career approach that has enabled me to have the necessary experience and confidence needed to begin The Hamlin Group. However; not only do I have a family background in construction, the degrees, the seal, the license and the experience…most importantly, I have the passion.


Since its inception in 2013, I have driven The Hamlin Group to become a full service design and build company, unafraid to tackle most any project. I bring the ability to not only help you put your vision on paper, but lift it from your notebook pages into a lifetime of memories.  With a wide range of in house visualization tools, estimating software and a qualified team of professionals, The Hamlin Group is able to offer accurate, timely and detailed estimates for your vision.  We can and will turn your doodles, ideas and photos into a tangible, buildable realization of your ideas.

Just as any great building has a solid foundation, a great company & leader has a solid support system.  I have two daughters and my faith that keep me grounded and focused. In addition, I have a wonderful team of like-minded, goal oriented professionals who are looking to be part of your story. 


It’s your dream, let us build it


Chad Hamlin

Owner / Architect /

Business Development


Tyler Newsom


Meet Tyler Newsom,

he brings several years of experience to our company, where he's the superintendent and coordinator of  projects. He has spent over over half a decade with us, managing our trade partners, project managers and schedules. With a background rooted in construction and craftsmanship, Tyler possesses a wealth of knowledge and skills, spanning electrical work, plumbing, flooring installation, and carpentry.

Beyond his professional expertise, Tyler finds fulfillment in bow hunting, crafting furniture during his leisure time, and he is a proud dog-dad. Meeting Tyler reveals his infectious positivity and unwavering drive, making him a valuable asset to our team.


Tené Tucker-Hester

Director of Interior Designer 

Meet Tené Tucker-Hester,

an integral member of The Hamlin Group, Design-Build since 2015. With a background in interior design, sales, and marketing, Tené has collaborated with new construction home builders, professional architects, and designers, elevating spaces with innovative design while preserving their original charm for over 20 years. Her journey, including a stint with a major marketing firm and years with a new construction design center, culminated in her role as lead designer and marketing manager at The Hamlin Group.


A former student of the Art Institute of Atlanta, Tené's passion for design led her to champion the company's expansion, earning accolades for her award-winning portfolio. Actively involved in industry events, she serves on the NARI Board of Directors, shaping the future of her field. 

Outside of work, Tené explores the world, immersing herself in diverse cultures, language and architecture. During her extended travels to Brazil and Germany, she spent time studying design and culture of its modern and historical eras. These experiences fuel her creativity and deepen her appreciation for the beauty found across the globe. 

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