Metropolis Highrise, Midtown Atlanta

Before Pictures....

This project was a challenging, yet equally rewarding  one for The Hamlin Group and our partners.  Located at The Metropolis Condominum in the heart of Midtown, Atlanta, this dated, 1990's unit was in dire need of updating.  The tenants had an extraordinary vision for what they were looking to create and contracted with The Hamlin Group to help guide them thru the process.  

The project included total demolition of two existing bathrooms, a kitchen, laundry, dining room breakfast bar and central living space - all while being respectful to hundreds of neighbors within the high rise.  Each step was a challenge, from transporting large quanties of materials in and out of the building.  Secondly, installing exquisite materials including Marble, Bamboo, Avonite and a beautiful cabinetry package.  

We would like to thank our open minded and visionary clients who trusted us with the process.  Our success in managing and self performing the project could not have been possible without the expertise of the following project partners.

Material Selection and Design:

Our Client

Cabinetry & Solid Surfaces:

The Millwork Solution, LLc

Tile & Stone Materials:

The Tile Shop

Tile & Stone Instalaltion:

JF Constructiotn / Jim Frackelton


Electrical / AV

Advanced Lighting & Electric

Photography Credit

Rebecca J. Bozarth


The Metropolis Building Management Team for their support and cooperation.

We hope you enjoy the finished product as much as we did creating it...


Construction Photos

Finished Product...